How a Sequitur Exercise Works

The aim of a Sequitur exercise is to reconstruct a text which has been broken into segments. Sequitur exercises can be used to review previously-studied reading texts, or to introduce new ones. Depending on how the text is broken up, they can be used to practice many different things, but the primary goal is to demonstrate textual structure and coherence.

In choosing the correct continuation of the text, the student can make use of both content and syntax. It is also possible to break up the text in order to focus on specific points; for example, if several breaks occur between phrasal verbs and their particles, then the exercise can be used to practise matching the correct particle with each verb.

Browser-Based Sequitur Exercises

WebSequitur creates a web page where the text is split up into segments, and the segments are jumbled up in a random order. Segments are presented to the student in multiple-choice format, so that the student has to select the segment which best fits the logical sequence of the story.

You can enter the source text for the exercise into the program directly, or by pasting from the clipboard.

Click here to see an example of a Web-Sequitur exercise. Please note that exercises which are created using the TexToys v3 programs must be viewed in an up-to-date web browser - see the System Requirements page for details.