TexToys v3.1 Download Page

TexToys is supplied as a downloadable shareware program. This means that you can download and install it free of charge, as many times as you like. To download the program, click on the Download link below.

The current version of TexToys is 3.1 Release 0 Build 9 - or

Download TexToys31.exe - 1.8 Mb


The file you downloaded is an installation program - to install TexToys, simply run the file (by double-clicking on it), and follow the on-screen instructions. By default, the programs will be installed in C:\Program Files\TexToys3 - for more information, see the Readme file which appears there.

If you want to read the Readme file before downloading, you can view a copy here.


The download is a complete working version of the full program, but it is restricted so that it can only be used to create short Rhubarb and Sequitur exercises. Also, it cannot upload completed exercises to the hotpotatoes.net hosting system (see Scores and Results).

To unlock the full capability of the TexToys package and its hosting options, you will need to register it - see Pricing for details.