System Requirements

TexToys is a 32-bit Windows application. This means that it will run on any computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 (including those running 64-bit versions of Windows).

The minimum desktop size required to run the TexToys programs effectively is 1024x600 pixels, though the program is easier to use on a larger screen.

TexToys, Macs and linux

Exercises created using TexToys are fully compatible with all standards-compliant browsers, including those running on Macintosh and linux computers.

The TexToys programs may also run on Mac or linux computers equipped with Windows emulator software, such as the linux "WINE" package. However, we cannot guarantee that it will run under any particular emulator, and we may not be able to solve technical problems arising from using the program in this way.

There is no "native" Mac-OS or linux version of TexToys, and we currently have no plans to produce one.