Translating Markin Into Other Languages

Ever since version 2, Markin has included a built-in feature allowing users to translate the program's menus and messages into different languages. This means that the whole program can be translated into any language which uses a standard Windows character system, and the translation can be saved and shared with other users via a Markin Interface File.

Now, in version 4, the program supports unicode characters for all its menus and messages, so the program can now be translated into non-Roman languages from Mandarin to Japanese and Hindi to Urdu, as well as into European and Scandinavian languages.

Where is the Translation feature?

In Markin's Tools menu, there is a Translate the Interface command, which provides access to the translation screen. Once in this screen, the program displays a tree structure containing all the commands, labels and other bits of text within the program (it's a long list!). It allows you to enter a translation for each item, and where appropriate, configure a suitable keyboard shortcut.

There is a comprehensive section in Markin's Help file to guide you through producing a translation. Please note that at present this help screen is only available in English!

Saving Your Translation

Translated versions of the program are saved in special XML files called Markin Interface Files, which use the file suffix .gui.xml. You can save your own translation as a .gui.xml file, and you can also load a .gui.xml file created by someone else. This means that even if you cannot translate the program yourself, you can easily use a translated version which has been provided by someone else, or share your translated version with other users in your school or college.

Using Interface Translations

The latest version of Markin always includes the latest interface files which users have sent us. So to obtain the latest interface translations, please download and install the latest version of the program.

Markin v4 comes with translation files for German, French, and Italian.

DISCLAIMER: please note that Creative Technology provide these files free of charge, with no guarantee as to accuracy or correctness.

If you find mistakes in one of the translation files supplied with the program, please email the details to us, and we will send your comments on to the translator.

We would like to thank our contributors for their efforts and their generosity!