PLEASE NOTE - as of January 2022, we are no longer selling registration keys for Markin and TexToys.

The product information on this site is now provided for information only. We will continue to support existing registered users until at least July 2022, but cannot support software installations on Windows11. If you wish to continue to use Markin or TexToys, please do not upgrade to Windows11.

This decision has been taken because we are not confident of being able to maintain and update our software in a way which fulfils Microsoft's requirements for Windows 11 software. We may eventually provide free versions of the programs, with strictly limited support and update provision.

If you need to have your existing registration key re-sent, or you are keen to use the programs even without a proper commitment to having support and updates, we may be prepared to provide a registration key on a strictly limited basis - please contact us by email for details.

Download Markin

Markin v4 is supplied as a downloadable shareware program. This means that you can download and install it free of charge, as many times as you like, but with limited capabilities.

The current version of Markin is

Click here to download the latest Markin Installation Program.

Updating Markin v4

Check for UpdatesIf you already have Markin v4 installed, you can check to see if you have the latest version by choosing the 'Check for Updates' command in Markin's Help menu: this takes you automatically to the Markin Download/Update page. Please note that you must be connected to the Internet to use this command.

The Download/Update page contains a link to the latest installer version, and a list of the features and bug-fixes which have been implemented in each new version we have released.