Scores and Results

When a student completes a TexToys exercise which is hosted on a normal server or sent to them by email, their score is displayed on their screen - try completing an example exercise to see how this works.

The drawback here is that these results are not normally visible to the teacher - they appear only in the student's browser, and are lost as soon as the student closes their browser window. To make it easier to record and analyse students' exercise scores, we have made TexToys work in conjunction with the hosting service.

Using TexToys with

With the hosting system, when an exercise is completed by a student, the result is automatically uploaded to the server. When you log into the server using your teacher account name and password, you can see a list of the students' scores, and other information such as when they did the exercise, and how long it took them to complete. With WebRhbuarb exercises, you can even see which wrong answers the student entered. You can also download these results as CSV data, which you can open or import into most spreadsheet or database programs.

Click here to see an example of how results are displayed on, For a more general explanation of the system, start here.