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Markin is supplied as a downloadable shareware program. This means that you can download and install it free of charge, as many times as you like.

To download the latest version of Markin, click on the Download button below. Click here to see the latest version information, and for details of how to check what version you are currently using,

markin31setup.exe - 1.1 Mb
(Main UK Server)

If you find that your connection to this download site is slow, and you want to try our other server, please click the button below.

markin31setup.exe - 1.1 Mb
(Alternate Server)

The current version is Markin v3.1 - see version information for more details.

To install, simply download the file to a temporary folder, and run it. It will automatically extract and run the installation program, allowing you to install the program where you wish. In the program folder, There is a README file which contains full instructions for installation and registration.

The download is a fully working version of the program, but without a registration, it is limited to marking only very short texts. To use the program to mark longer pieces of work, you need to register it. When you register, you will be supplied with a code, which you can use to unlock the program so that it will edit long texts.

For information about registering the program, please see the Pricing and Ordering page.

If you already have a registered copy of an earlier version of Markin v3.xx, simply download and install the latest version into the same location. No extra payment, registration or configuration is required.

We are currently offering an upgrade discount to registered users of version 2.x of Markin - sub-versions include v2.03 and v2.1. If you are a registered Markin v2 user, please see the Pricing and Ordering page for upgrade details and prices.

We are also offering a (smaller) upgrade discount to registered users of version 1 of Markin, sometimes called Markin32. If you are a registered Markin32 user who did NOT upgrade to v2.x, please see the Pricing and Ordering page for upgrade details and prices.

You can install the demo version of Markin v3 without damaging your existing Markin v1 installation - the two versions can coexist on your system without problems. To install the demo, click one of the download buttons above.

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