What is TexToys?

TexToys is a suite of two authoring programs, WebRhubarb and WebSequitur. The programs are used to create web pages (HTML documents) which contain interactive language-learning exercises. The exercises are based on the Rhubarb and Sequitur programs originally developed by John and Muriel Higgins.

Once you have created the exercises, you can deliver them to your students in the form of web pages. You can also upload them to our hosting service at hotpotatoes.net.

Although it contains two different authoring programs, TexToys is downloaded and installed as a single package - see the download page for details.

TexToys is shareware, so you can download and install it free of charge. However, the download version is restricted - to take full advantage of all the program and hosting features, you must register the TexToys package using the secure online order form.


As well as pages containing detailed information about each program, we have also included a full tutorial for both programs on this site. Click here to begin this tutorial.