What's New in Version 4

The latest Markin version, released in 2009, adds several new features to previous versions:

Support for Images and Tables

Markin 4's Import and XHTML file formats now support images and tables, so you can use it to mark a much wider variety of materials.

Support for MS Office Import Filters

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, any document which you can import into an MS Office application can also be imported directly into Markin.

XML-compatible File Formats

All Markin v4 files, including those used to store buttons and text snippets, are fully compatible with XML standards.

XHTML Output

Markin v4 uses XHTML as its "native" file format, meaning that you no longer have to Export the marked work, as you may have done with earlier versions. The Markin file you Save is now the same as the web-page you send back to your student.

New Snippets Feature

The "Useful Text" and "Useful Links" features in old versions of Markin have been merged into a new, easy-to-use system called "Snippets". The Snippets system provides a single resource which can contain Rich Text (coloured and formatted) and web links, and can be quickly called up and used in any part of the Markin program. Snippets are also stored in an XML file, for better compatibility with other programs and systems.

Docking Toolbars and Windows

The Markin 4 user interface is much more flexible than its predecessors: the Buttons menu, Comments area, and Snippets window can all be "docked" inside the main program window, or be positioned anywhere on your screen.