';?> A Sample Marked Text

A Sample Marked Text

This is a sample marked text. This is a spillingSpl error, and here there is a missing MissingW in the middle of the sentence. I have added a comment here1, and another comment, referring to this text2, here. You can look at the comments by clicking on the Comments tab at the bottom of the screen. Finally, I have added a little praise hereGood!, and some more hereExcellent!. I have added some feedback as well. You can see that in the Feedback tab at the bottom of the screen. Try viewing this text in your browser (click on the menu and choose View in browser).


This is some feedback about the content of the essay. You can include hyperlinks in your feedback if you want to. In the output, hyperlinks will be normal Web links; in the Markin editing environment, you can Control+Click on them to go to the URL of the link.


This is some more feedback, this time about the language used in the essay. You can write any kind of styled text you like in the feedback box. Text can be in different colours if you want to distinguish one kind of feedback from another.

  1. This is my first comment.

  2. This is my second comment.

Instances Caption Annotation Explanation Help link Categories Value Points lost Points gained
Totals -2 2
0??????Incomprehensible textSense-1
0AgrS/VAgreementSubject/verb agreement errorGrammar-1
0ArtArtArticle errorGrammar-1
0CapCapitalizationCapitalization errorPunctuation-1
0ConConj/TransConjunction/Transition errorLinking-1
0CouCount/Non-CountCount/non-count errorGrammar-1
0CutCutCut -- this text is not necessarySense-1
0ForFormattingFormatting problemMechanics-1
0FrgFragmentSentence fragmentGrammar-1
1MisMissingWMissing word or wordsGrammar-1-1
0ModModifierMisplaced or dangling modifierGrammar-1
0ParParallelParallel construction problemGrammar-1
0PluSing/PluSingular/plural errorGrammar-1
0PrePrepositionWrong or misused prepositionGrammar-1
0PrgParagraphingParagraphing problemSense-1
0QotQuoteInaccurate quotationContent
0RepRepetitionRepetition of information or phraseStyle-1
0SpaSpaceMissing spaceEditing-1
0VagVagueVague referenceSense-1
0VFoVFormVerb formGrammar-1
0VTeVTenseVerb tenseGrammar-1
0WChWChoicePoor word choiceVocabulary-1
0WFoWFormWord formMorphology-1
0WOrWOrderWord orderSyntax-1
0IntInterestingThis is an interesting point.Content0
1ExcExcellent!Excellent! Well done.Content11
0GrmGoodGrammarWell-constructed phrase or sentenceGrammar1
0WChGoodWordChoiceGood choice of vocabularyVocabulary1
0YesYes!Yes! I agree.Content1