Multi-User Licensing for Schools and Colleges

Education institutions often need multi-user licences for Markin, and we provide such licences at a reduced price, with flexible conditions.

What Is A "Seat"?

Markin multi-user licences are based around "seats" - a seat is an additional user licence for a full copy of the program. If an institution wants to license the program for 25 members of staff, the institution must buy one full licence and 24 extra seats.

When ordering Extra Seats, please ensure that the order is placed in the name of an institution such as a college or school. Individual users cannot purchase Extra Seats.

Can Teachers Use The Program At Home?

One popular feature of our site-licensing terms is that they automatically entitle any teacher who is authorised to use one of the "seats" to install and use the program on a computer at home. The following restrictions apply:

How Are Seats Priced?

Please see the Markin Pricing page for details.

How Do I Order And Pay for a Multi-User Licence?

Please see our general Ordering and Licensing page for details.